Friday, 20 April 2012

The Top 60 Tumblr Blogs of 2012

Studies show that in about six months the 'tumbleverse' (if that's even a word!) will be more popular than the blogosphere (yes, that is a word). 

Bad news for us bloggers, but not without reason as I for one am a huge fan of the increasingly popular site. Some of you may groan 'do we really need another social network?' and I say... why not?

Check out my pick of this year's top 60 Tumblr blogs (in no particular order, as always):

1. Milk Made                                    

Milk Made, one of the world's premier photography studios, brings you a world of culture: you can find fashion, media, art and more on their stunningly visual Tumblr blog.

2.  Spotify

Spotify's Tumblr provides you with the latest news and updates from your favourite music platform, as well as new releases and exclusive playlists. 

Ever wondered what you can bake inside a cake? Or are you just a foodie with a sweet tooth? Either way, Bake It in a Cake caters for your every desire - plus the recipes are included too! 

The Fluffington Post is a clever and playful take on the Huffington Post. The twist? You guessed it - instead of reading about breaking news and investigative journalism, meet the #1 source for FLUFFY ANIMALS. Who knows, you might even prefer it!

Canadian model Coco Rocha posts information about her daily life on her stylish blog. Be prepared to spend hours staring at photographs just oozing with glamour and sophistication...

6. Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Vali's blog showcases the Rome-born designer's life and work. Think behind the scene photos during fittings, as well as snaps taken from his travels to Milano. Luxury at its finest.

7. Vogue 

The ultimate fashion authority, Vogue has been setting the standards for more than 100 years - and their Tumblr is certainly no exception.

8. Whatever Eva Wants

Style obsessions, daily outfit posts and expert advice from the editor of Teen Vogue.

9. Sesame Street

Not just for the kids, there's nothing like Sesame Street's iconic characters to brighten up your dashboard and provide an element of nostalgia.

10. Adventures in Ice Cream

Adventures in ice cream with MilkMade Ice Cream, New York's local craft ice cream company. Just try not to drool over the life-sized photos of the weird, wonderful and incredibly delicious flavors of the month.

11. Erin Fetherston

The official Tumblr of fashion designer and brand Erin Fetherston.

12. Dads on Vacation

Everyone knows that dads on vacation are, well just that - dads on vacation. Objects of great amusement for the whole family to laugh at (not with) and most importantly of all, capture on camera. Well now you can enjoy photos of dads on vacation all year round!

13. Rachel Zoe

Check out the latest inspirations, posts and more behind the Rachel Zoe collection.

14.  CFDA

The Council of Fashion Designers of America has chosen Tumblr as its blog. News, behind the scenes photos and video interviews provide an insight into the wonderful world of fashion.

15. What I Wore

Jessica Quirk gives tips on day-to-day fashion issues and has been posting daily photos of her outfits for the past 4 years.

16. Elle

Street chic, must-have items and all the latest trends from the US edition of this popular magazine.

17. Oscar PR Girl

Reports from inside one of the world's most famous fashion houses from a super-stunning PR girl. From backstage at the show to sneak peaks of the latest collection, this blog is perfect for ODL addicts.

18. Art in My Coffee

Art in My Coffee is a Tumblr blog which catalogues latte art from all around the world.

19. Awkward Stock Photos

'Where awkward stock photos finally have a purpose'. Simply the best collection on the internet.

20. The Style Student

Undoubtably one of the best fashion blogs that Tumblr has to offer. FIT student Nicole Loher posts daily outfits, answers questions and gives us a taste of life as a college girl turned fashion prodigy.

21. Create the Group

Named one of the 'Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fashion' by Fast East Company, this is definitely a site that matters. Create the Groups' blog isn't strictly fashion, but the agency is certainly well-aquainted with the ins and outs of the industry.

22. McQ

The official Tumblr of McQueen offers insights and updates into the contemporary brand created by the late Alexander McQueen. McQueen posts often - collections, editorials, street shots and behind the scenes videos.

23. Kate Spade NY

Explore NYC through the colorful eye of Kate Spade New York. Playful, witty and sophisticated, it's impossible not to love this blog.

24. Startup Quote

Daily wisdom for startups. Get inspiration from the mouths of the world's young entrepreneurs.

25. Fuck Yeah Eyegasms

The blog that makes your eyes go 'fuck yeeaaah'! Stare at mind-boggling images of stunning landscapes, starry skies and impossibly tall buildings.

26. Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid is an online resource for interesting art, culture and technology and an independent web hosting company.

27. Animals Being Dicks

Animals Being Dicks post silly gifs of animals being jerks.

28. Animals with Stuffed Animals

No explanation needed.

29. Inspire Me Now

Szymon Blaszczyk's inspiration log has some of the best inspiration sources you can find. Thought provoking, this site showcases out-of-the-box ideas that are designed to make you look at things differently.

30. Unhappy Hipsters

'It's lonely in the modern world.'

31. This Isn't Happiness

The Tumblr to end all Tumblrs, simple as. A scrapbook of quirky images and textual stimulation, this blog will keep your head spinning for days on end.

32. I Love Charts

Designed by people who love charts for people who love charts, this is the best place to find them on the internet.

33. Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Mindlessly entertaining, this is a collection of pictures of awesome people hanging out together (as indicated by the title).

34. Review Of My Cat

People submit hilarious reviews of their cats.

35. OMG that dress!

A blog for fashion and history, OMG that dress! has collected thousands of images of vintage dresses from the 19th and 20th century.

36. The Burning House

'If your house was burning, what would you take with you?' It's a question you've probably wondered late at night, a question that is answered each day on The Burning House by a variety of different people. Curious? I think so.



38. Scandy Bars

Like a blog in a candy store, Scandy Bars is my preferred version of the well-known Scanwiches (seeing as I'm vegetarian). Given the cross-sections of premium chocolate and confectionary - what's there not to love?

39. Onion-like Headlines in Real Life

Headlines that seem too good to be true... (but they are, just to clarify)

40. kim jong-il looking at things

Kim jong-il looks at a lot of things. Don't ask me why it's funny, it just is.

41. Morgan Levine

This one's a must-follow for all of you craft-loving types out there. Morgan Levine is a craft stylist for television and magazines and her Tumblr is a record of all the things that she makes and likes.

42. Hungover Owls

Owls that look seriously hungover.

43. Things Organized Neatly

One of my personal favourites (as it's well known that I'm the ultimate perfectionist), Things Organized Neatly showcases perfect ensembles of anything and everything - pieces of trash, headphones, sugar-lumps, the list is endless.

44. Newspaper Blackout 

Austin Kleon creates poetry by blacking out unnecessary words from newspaper articles using a marker. On his site, you can submit your own experiments of this ingenious art form.

45. Pleated Jeans

A favorite, Pleated Jeans "no filler, no funny" never fails to make me laugh and produces some of the most original graphics on the internet.

46. Texts From Bennett

Bennett is 17 years old, unemployed and 'one of the most unintentionally funny and brilliant souls on the planet'. These are the texts he exchanges with his 30-year-old cousin.

47. Ca$hcats

Photos of incredibly wealthy felines who stack banknotes.

48. From Me To You

Created by Jamie, a photographer who lives in New York, From Me To You focuses on fashion, lifestyle, travel, food and the city. The use of cinemagraphs (photographs capturing subtle movements) render this blog every bit as enthralling as its owner.

49. Feminist Ryan Gosling

Feminist theory flashcards from your favourite sensitive movie dude-turned-meme.

50. 9-eyes

These striking screenshots from Google Earth are an incredible example of just how beautiful and varied the world is.

51. The Final Sentence

An ever-growing compilation of final sentences from literary works.

52. Nasty Musings

The epitome of Nasty Gal's loose Californian aesthetic, this Tumblr is the ultimate online style destination for bad-ass girls.

53. Peaches and Rainbows

Shay Mitchell's personal blog features many great inspirational quotes and photos.

54. Honey I'm Home

Everyone loves Lucy Hale, fact. On Honey I'm Home she shares her favourite photos and videos as well as insiders information from the set of PLL. Check her Tumblr for personal photos of her friends and read uplifting messages from the ABC family star.

55. Pretty Colors

A curated compendium of the best colors ever, there's nothing like the constant stream of Pretty Colors to brighten up your Tumblr feed. Pantone heaven.

56. Fell Down the Rabbit Hole

From cute photos to inspiring messages, actress Dianna Agron's Tumblr has it all. The Glee star posts the perfect mix of the personal and the professional to create a quirky site that provides a glimpse into her tastes.

57.  The Only Magic Left is Art

The Only Magic Left is Art is like an online art gallery. Each month a new artist is featured, and the Tumblr is regularly updated with a diverse range of graphics, photographs, illustrations and drawings.

58. katuriankaturiankaturian

Another favorite, katuriankaturiankaturian is the Tumblr of Troian Bellisario. The queen of all things indie, Troian is not only stunning but intelligent too. She loves folk music, woody allen movies and poetry and posts about all of these and more on her Tumblr.

59. offpistepursuit

Keegan Allen posts thought-provoking images and quotes. The actor uses his Tumblr to show his interest in design, the arts and all things romantic.

60. dresshowyouwanttodress

A little bit of promotion here (this is my personal blog)! I'm recently new to Tumblr, but I think you'll like dresshowyouwanttodress. It's a mixture of everything you'll find in the above blogs: fashion, photography, quotes, music etc. and I try to post as often as I can whilst not clogging up your feed.

So there you have it, the Tumblr equivalent of the big top 40 (except in this case it's 60).
Oh, and please comment below - I'd love to hear your feedback!


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